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How Thames Loose Leaf ‘Think Green’


The only thing the team at Thames Loose Leaf value more than customer satisfaction, is the ability to be as environmentally conscience as available to us. We strive to make sure our level of work is both quick and at a high standard of quality, but we are always making sure that the process from manufacture, production, transportation and delivery is as eco-friendly as possible. We’ve had a great response from previous customers to our dedication to keeping a ‘Green’ mind-set, and have been accredited to many compliments regarding this matter.

Our main aim at Thames Loose Leaf is to provide the best possible service in the quickest amount of time, and if our previous ventures are anything to go by, we believe we’ve done this exceptionally well! There’s a reason that we are the market leaders of both personalised and branded products in Europe, and we believe that our attitude towards the environment has helped this greatly, as rather than being a a heartless, corporate conglomerate, we stay true to our initial attitudes and make sure we do some good, putting smiles on the faces of many happy customers.

We regard our environmental responsibilities as high priority and will continue to maintain and improve on our current standards for today and future generations. We have also established links with the Essex Wildlife Trust and support its local work by means of corporate sponsorship and encouraging our staff to actively take part in Essex Wildlife events, and we also urge you to be aware about the impacts you may be causing to the environment around you, as we’ve now established ourselves to recycle as much waste as possible and all Plastic & up to 80% of other waste is now being re-used rather than going to landfill sites.

If want any further information please feel free to contact us today, and one of our helpful team members will be on the case. We look forward to hearing from you!

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