In line with the guidelines communicated by the Prime Minister regarding Covid-19 Thames Loose Leaf remains open for business with our manufacturing plant running as normal.

We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that our Factory staff are working within Government guidelines.

All Office staff are working from home and have full access to all systems remotely.


thames - 19/11/19 - Roundup

Dove moves to 100% recycled plastic bottles

Thames Loose Leaf take pride in our recycling credentials, and the PVC we use will give you an environmentally conscious product that will stand the test of time.

Beauty giant Dove has unveiled new initiatives to accelerate the global beauty industry’s progress to address plastic waste. Plastic waste is one of the biggest global environmental issues, being driven by a linear, single-use consumption model. The amount of plastic Dove will save per year will be enough to circle the earth over two and a half times.

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Feast or famine? Staying fed through good times and bad

As the political turmoil continues and uncertainty continues to grow, there is little to reassure business leaders trying to plan for the future.

BPIF’s quarterly Printing Outlook attempts to guide businesses in the print sector, giving them insight and forecasts to ensure they are aware of what is expected to happen in the future and how they can prepare for it. The latest findings show that 32% of printers saw increased output levels and 34% saw a decline in the second quarter of 2019, while 42% expect growth in the third quarter and 23% expect a fall.

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The power that print holds – marketing experts have their say

These days, even though digital dominates in marketing, print still has its place in the ever-growing technological fuelled world.

Benjamin Lord, executive director of NARS Cosmetics, says “print is not dead, it’s a platform which can amplify your message and is changing all the time”. The director of global marketing communications at Mercedez-Benz, Nats Sijanta, states “the power that print holds physically ascertains its longevity. Print will have a life in the future, but it will be tremendously different to the role it has today”.

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