thames - 15/10/19 - Environment

Keeping a ‘Green’ mind-set

There are two factors the team at Thames Loose Leaf value highly – customer satisfaction and the ability to be as environmentally conscious as possible. To this end, we have had a great response from clients to our dedication to keeping a ‘Green’ mind-set.

We recognise our responsibility to reducing our impact to the environment and are committed to environmentally responsible business practices. Whilst maintaining a high standard of quality, we ensure that the process from manufacture to transportation and delivery is as eco-friendly as possible; our carbon footprint is of the upmost importance.

We regard our environmental responsibilities as high priority and will continue to maintain, and improve on, our current standards for today and future generations.

Working with our local community

At Thames Loose Leaf we are always looking for ways to recycle within the local community.  One example is that part of our waste stream is cardboard tubing, these tubes are donated to a local primary school who use these within their craft projects.  If your local school would be interested in these, please do not hesitate to contact us!  We also have pallets available which are handy for school gardening projects.

We have established links with the Essex Wildlife Trust and show support by means of corporate sponsorship and encouraging our staff to actively take part in the many Essex Wildlife events.

Recycling… it’s in our own hands

As consumers, we all play a more critical role than we might imagine – depending on how we use our products and how we throw them away, determines their value and quality post-use. In addition, finding ways to upcycle and reuse products will also make a huge difference.

We can all make sure that we recycle our waste.  However, recycling varies widely from council to council, so before you throw something away, check what your local council recycles.

It is down to all of us to make a difference… big changes start with small steps.